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One of the most beautiful beaches in the south Rethymno is Triopetra beach. It is located 52 km south of Rethymno and 13 km south of Akoumia village

Let’s go to Triopetra beach!

The place took its name from the three, huge, geologically impressive rocky formations emerging from the sea, dividing the beach into the eastern and the western parts, the Small and Big Triopetra.

The former, on the southeast of the three rocks, is in small, sandy bay, it offers lounge chairs and umbrellas along with few rooms and tavernas for the tourists. The main beach, the Big Triopetra, lies on the west, exhibiting its crystal water, thick sand and marvelous sunsets. Both beaches at Triopetra are accessible by car and are really suitable for those seeking relaxation, tranquility and isolation, the eastern part of the beach offering beach facilities to the tourists.