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Individual, private or tailored tours for you…what is it?

And what is the difference between group tours and private tours?

There are many tourists visiting Crete who wish to travel a lot.They have their holiday plan and want to see most famous places of the island. So what is the options to travel on Crete, if you don’t want to rent a car or take a public bus?

Guided coach tour and traditional routs

Some of them just book common excursions with big group and big coach and follow usual or traditional routs. This is the easiest and  cheapest way to visit Crete’s must see places.  The excursion usually follows the exact rout with exact stops, and it can more than one language in the coach. Yes, it is the cheapest way, but is it the best? The minus of this tours is that you have to follow routine tour, routine stop, you are tied to other  co-tourist. You have no choice where to stop, or where to spend more time, if you like the place. You follow the group, time ad rout.

Guided tailor  made mini group

This tours are made for you!!! You can choose your rout, stops, places to visit, you can make your excursion plan according to you interests.

Usually individual tours are by mini bus up to 7 seats and private guide following tailor made rout only for you.

It is not as cheap as traditional big coach tours, but the advance is obvious: comfortable mini group, private tour guide, only one language of your choice, routs and stops made according to your wishes and interests.

Guided tailor made tours by big coach

It almost the same as mini private tours, just by big coach. This means, that these tours are offered to the groups up to 15-70 people. Tailor made big groups tours are very suitable for corporative travelers, big teams, big families or big group of friends. It is cheaper than mini private tours, but still provides you possibility to travel your own rout, with private guide.

So don’t miss the opportunity to travel on Crete!!! Crete is covering deep in it’s mountains, caves, small beaches, in it’s history, culture and monasteries.  Open that secrets fr you!!!



In our previous post about yacht tour we were talking about romantic evening with your beloved on yacht with good cocktails and DJ. For more details click here. But some of us find romance in other things such as fishing …SO…

Get ready to travel around the quaint coastline and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the deep blue sea, impressive shores, golden sand beaches, pebbled bays surrounded by white, reddish, yellowish or blackish rocks, under the brisk morning light. Take delight in fishing on our professional fishing boat under the leadership of our captain, who always picks up the richest fishing spots according to the season, the weather and the “fish passages”, as they are called by the local fishermen.

The trip starts at around 10:30 a.m. and ends at 16:00 p.m. When on board, you will enjoy your coffee, while relaxing on deck admiring the deep blue until we reach the spot where you can start your fishing with rods provided by us. Of course, whoever wishes to cool off can dive in the crystal clear waters. At the end of the fishing trip, you will have the chance to visit the city of Agios Nikolaos for about an hour.

An unforgettable trip and a unique experience that will surely be etched in your memory forever.

Places to visit #Crete#

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Crete the pearl of Greece. It’s not just Greece’s largest island. Arguably it has a great nature and a rich historical and cultural heritage. Its remarkable history is obvious across the island. From the archaeological findings of the Minoan Knossos Palace and Festos to the Venetian entrenchments of Rethymno. The Byzantine monasteries and the old mosques built by the Ottomans. The cave that Zeus was born. Chania in the western Crete and Heraklion which is the capital are well known not only for being the most important port cities, but also for their numerous scenic beauties.

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Superb mountains and gorges like Samaria Gorge. Beaches with soft golden sands like Chrissi Island can offer you unique excursion experience. Besides, Balos beach which is turtle protection area especially for Caretta Caretta, has incredible clean waters with wild majestic landscape.

Joining an excursion is the most reliable way to explore the most popular tourist areas

NOTE: We do not organize and do not offer any tours in CHANIA AREA!!!

What to visit? What to see?


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From Rodopos there is a path leading to the extreme north where you can see the Diktynna Sanctuary.

On the way you will pass the Ellinospilos cave which was already inhabited in prehistoric times. The sanctuary in the north of the Rodopos peninsula was dedicated to the daughter of Zeus. The myth tells that she had to escape from King Minos and jumped into the sea at this spot. Fishermen supposedly picked her up in their nets and brought her to the island Aegina, where she was honoured as a goddess. The people of Crete called her Diktynna (which means “net”).
The first sanctuary dates from 700 BC and as good as nothing is left of it. Two centuries later the sanctuary was rebuilt. During the Roman period emperor Hadrianus had it enlarged. During the later centuries a lot of the buildings disappeared, mostly by people that wanted the stones to build their own houses. The Roman temple was surrounded by columns. Places where water was saved have also been found. Statues of the Roman emperor and of the goddess that have been found here can be seen in the Museum of Chania. The walk to the sanctuary over the coastal road is long and tiring and is better not made when it is too hot. The option is to go to the Diktynna sanctuary by boat from the nearby village of Kolimbari. As I understand it there are also boat trips from Platanias (and maybe from Chania?).
Diktynna was a Minoan mountain goddess who loved hunting and nature. According to the myth she was a beautiful woman that was born in western Crete, at the Samaria Gorge and the White Mountains, and she remained a virgin by choice. King Minos fell in love with her and pursued her for nine months all over the island until Diktynna jumped off the cliff where the sanctuary now stands. The fisherman who saved Diktynna and brought her to Aegina fell in love with her as well. Diktynna didn’t answer his advances and fled to the sanctuary of Artemis. The goddess Artemis rewarded Diktynna for keeping her virginity and made her immortal.
The goddess Diktynna was worshipped throughout the island of Crete, but mainly in the west, where most temples were built in her honour. The sanctuary of Diktynna was the largest and richest. People walked barefoot to the sanctuary with their offerings. Thus they were more in contact with the nature that Diktynna loved so much.
At the end of the peninsula above a bay with a beautiful beach are on a rocky plateau the remains of a temple and an altar that were built in 123 AD during the reign of Hadrian. There are also remains of an aqueduct and other buildings. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the temple was looted and abandoned. The area at Diktynna was never really well explored or excavated by archaeologists so there could be even more under the ground.

If you want you can also drive to Diktynna. A good four-wheel drive is recommended, but it is also possibly with a normal car if you drive a little careful. You have to go to the village of Rodopos. You come riding into Rodopos from the south and go out again on the north side of the village following the asphalt road (it’s really only one road, just continue straight ahead). Keep following the road. In the beginning it is a good asphalt road. You’ll pass a small church on the right hand side and a little later the asphalt road turns into an unpaved road. In the beginning (and over the greater part) this is still a relatively wide and easy road. You keep driving straight ahead. At some point you get a split in the road. There are rusted signs with names on them (2014). The exit on your left goes to a church and so you should ignore this exit. On one of signs it says “Menies” (but hard to read). So you keep right here.
Actually it’s a matter of constantly driving straight ahead and ignore the smaller paths you occasionally encounter. You always chose the widest and therefore the most logical route. At the end the road narrows, and because sometimes you do not always know what is around the corner, it might feel a little uncomfortable for some people, but the road remains good. Depending on your speed (20 to 30 kilometers per hour), the trip takes about an hour to an hour and a half. The last piece to the beach is quite steep, but also doable. You end up at the excavation, where there is a parking space.
Here below on either side of the parking lot are the remains ancient Diktynna, including on the left the remains of a half oval building (the only complete oval building of antiquity can be found in Hamezi in Crete). If you walk towards the beach, you see on the right a path that climbs up the mountain where the remains of the temple is that is dedicated to Diana (the goddess of the hunt). You can see the remains of the pillars and there are pieces of marble. The view of the beach of Menies is magnificent. You will also find an ancient staircase that leads to a large building consisting of three rooms that are stuck together.

Source: Fred van Doorn