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Jeep Safari II: Liviko Pelago

Our second and most popular Jeep Safari tour on Crete is tour to Cretan South, to Southern cost of Crete. You will cross all tuhe island over the mountains, on and off road to  #feelcrete with us!!!! #toursoncrete #yourtravelguide

Liviko Pelagos or Libyan Sea Tour

Hersonissos start point 

Gouves off road
Kalo Chorio
Lagos off road
Nipiditos off road (coffee break )
Off road Afrati
Off road Karavados
Off road Mesi
Off road Hondros
Kerato Kambos (lunch Kastri)
Off road Skinias
Vakiotes off road Avli
Kato Karouzano (coffee break)

Every Tuesday and Friday



Let us take you on an adventure to explore the lesser known side of the island, through the dramatic physical landscapes of its mountains, away from the crowded tourist resorts, into the real heart and soul of Crete.

You will drive mainly on dirt roads only known by the locals, stop for a Greek coffee and
refreshments in a tiny typical village kafenion, and more off road through villages and mountains until we reach the breath taking south coast, were we will enjoy a light lunch.

We then return north through the mountains again. Prepare yourself for a real Cretan massage!(Bumpy off road!) A last coffee/refreshment stop in the little traditional village of Kato Karouzano and you will return to your hotels full of dust and the best memories of your vacation.
Remember to bring sun protection, swimming
suit and beach shoes, and some pocket money, since the drinks are not included.


Jeep Safari: Ida tour

Our mission is to discover the Real Crete from the sea up to the mountains and follow the local lifesftyle, the Cretan culture, the history, the values, the traditions, and visit pure-untouched areas. Jeep Safari gives you opportunity to see Crete soul and life which is far away from touristic resorts.

The first tour we would like to represent is

(follow us and we will post about all jeep safari tours we can offer)

Oros Ida (Psiloritis)

Ammoudara start point

Off road Keramoutsi


Kroussona ano Asites (coffee break)

Prinias (Archeological site)

Aghia Barbara

Off road Psiloriti

Anogeia (Lunch) in a taverna
or BBQ

Off road Kamarioti


Off road Fodele(coffee break)
Back to the hotels



The Psiloriti is the tallest andwildest mountain of Crete. This tour is the jewel of all tour and will give you a taste of all the wild beauty to be discovered inside the most impressive and remote department of central Crete, the Psiloriti mountains.

You will reach heights of 1700 M. and feel like you’re about to touch the sky! The off road known only by the shepherds will take you to the very heart and soul of this magnificent countryside, with breath taking sights that will make your heart
sing and though it may be a bit of a bumpy ride, (the famous Cretan massage…) it is so worth your while! We will stop for a tasty lunch in the traditional village of Anogeia and go again on the wild dirt road until we reach the adorable village of Fodele, birth place of the renowned painter El Greco for the last coffee break.

This tour will be unquestionably the best memory of your vacation in Crete.

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Agio Farago beach and gorge

if you are in search of the best beaches to visit in Crete, here is our first suggestion: Agiofarago beach.
Located about 80km south of Heraklion city, at the exit of the homonym Gorge of Agiofarago, clear blue waters await you!
The beauty of the place exists to its not so easy access as if you want to go, you should either hike for approximately 50′ the gorge or catch a boat from Matala, Agia Galini, or Kali Limenes.

The crystal secluded beach at the end of Agiofarago Gorge

Agiofarago Gorge, one of the special gorges In Crete, is located in Heraklion, between the Monastery of Odigitria and the seaside village Kaloi Limenes. It will take you about 20 minutes to cross. At the beginning of the route, you will see the church of Agia Kyriaki which is in a cave! In the gorge is also the church of St. Anthony which is also partly in a cave and was the center of the ascetics of the region. The several archaeological findings in Agiofarago, show that there has been activity in the Minoan and Venetian times. Characteristic is the Minoan, circular, domed tomb near the church of St. Anthony. Shortly after, you will find a cave with a low entrance and a large room. The Abbot of the Monastery of St. Anthony lived there.

According to history, Agiofarago was inhabited by hermits since at least the 11th century. When you cross the gorge you will reach a beautiful beach overlooking the Libyan Sea! We recommend good to keep water with you, as in the gorge there are no sources of water.


Yacht trip for romantics

 Fairytale Sunset cruise

Do you feel romantic? And enjoy the sunsets and relaxing wave sounds? Or maybe you would like to surprise you beloved by romantic cocktail party on modern yacht with best main stream music beats?

Then during your holiday on Crete don’t miss romantic yacht cruise “Fairytale Sunset cruise”

Why? Because it is a very romantic trip on modern yacht to see the sunset on Crete!

It is a great chance to try cocktails from the one of the best bartenders of Greece.

To listen to Main Stream music

and to enjoy buffet (vegetarian friendly)

You will stop in one of the most romantic bays of Crete St. George for you romantic pics and relax.

Don’t miss the the Fairytale Sunset moment!

Trip starts at 17:30 from Hersonissos port

Price 55 eur/per

3 fashionable cocktails included (other drinks extra pay)

dinner included

DJ included

transfer from hotel included

Yacht trip



New!!!! FOTO TOURS in Heraklion with professional photographer!!! If you have artistic nature, you love photography and want to improve your skills with professional – you are welcome to #FOTOTOUR

During rainy winter day i was having cofee break with my boss and friennd who also is great photographer, great artist and professional in everything he does. I told him I had an idea of creating a Foto Tour for people who are traveling on Crete. Because there are so many amazing views n Crete, but very often tourists are saying “unfortunately I’m just beginner” So the idea was to offer people tours, excursions, walking tours together with the professional photographer, that they can learn essential secrets of artistic photography.

So now we can offer you the results of our winter brain storm :walking Foto Tour in Herklion. You will see the most beautiful places of #Heraklion will make photos of it and will learn few secrets of photography.

Lassithi Plato and Knossos Palace tour

Knossos Palace Crete

Knossos Palace

It is impossible for someone to come to Crete on vacation and not visit its landmark, Knossos. For the island of Crete, Knossos has the same significance as the Acropolis for Athens. The most famous and the most impressive palace of the Minoan era, the biggest and the greatest of the decision-making centers of the Minoan Crete. Our tour in the majestic site travels us back to the past, getting us to know the Neolithic settlement, the new imposing palace, the four wings of the building with the ceremony chambers, the public warehouses, the Throne Room, the Corridor of Procession with the amazing murals, the Propylaea with the famous Double Horns of Consecration, the Royal Chambers, the servants’ dormitories, the storehouses of the palace, the various workshops, the Reservoir Basin, even a stone-built theatre. We are about to hear great myths, relating to the Palace of Knossos, such as the myth of the Labyrinth and the story of Daedalus and Icarus. We are going to walk on Sir Arthur Evans’ steps and we may feel a bit of the excitement and pride he felt when he discovered this exceptional symbol of the Minoan architecture, which even nowadays transfixes everybody with its grandeur.

Leaving the marvelous Palace of Knossos, we continue our tour towards the centre of the island, where we visit the lovely Monastery of Kera Kardiotissa, which was named after a miraculous icon of Virgin Mary. In an idyllic landscape, the monastery, run currently by nuns, is known for its artistic and its historical importance, as well as its remarkable murals.
Moving on inland and driving up to the Lassithi Plateau, we have the chance to admire the remaining famous windmills, the ditches, the “linies” as they are known, the Venetian drainage system of the plateau that turned the arid area into the most important grain-growing region of Crete and of course the small traditional villages that still keep the scent of another era. The most famous of all is the village of Psychro, where we can admire the primeval traditional art of pottery-making by the remaining craftsmen and of course we have the opportunity to visit a very significant place for religious worship of the Minoan era, the cave of Psychro, mostly known as Dictean Cave. A cave of exceptional beauty, it is considered as the place where Zeus, the father of the Olympians Gods, was born.

Spinalonga island

The idyllic scenery of Crete’s Northeast coast

Driving along the North East coast through the gorge of St George we reach the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos. Here we board a boat and Spinalonga Cruise starts. A Cruise along the Mirabelo gulf. Passing the Kri-Kri Island, the Cave of the pirate Barbarossa and the bird island, we reach the small sandy bay of Kolokitha, where the boat will be anchored. Here you have plenty of time for swimming at the crystal clear water, and a BBQ (optional) will be served on board. We then proceed to the small island of Spinalonga.

Spinalonga the island of Lepra

Island of Spinalonga

Spinalonga has had a very chequered history and today, although uninhabited, still echoes with ghostly reminders of the past. The Venetians constructed a very impressive fortress with 40 cannons which has been guarding the bay since the 15th century. At the beginning of 19th century human pain and sorrow was scattered around this islet. It became a leper colony, the last active leper colony in Europe, and it remained so until 1957, when it was cleared by the Health Authorities, leaving the place uninhabited.

Spinalonga island


Inside the Island of Spinalonga

Panoramic view from Spinalonga

The route along the northern coast of the island takes us to the small fishing village of Elounda, known to the older of us from the popular 1970s BBC television series “Who pays the ferryman”. The village became also well-known through Belinda Jones’ novel “Out of the Blue” and lately, through Victoria Hislop’s world best-seller “The Island”. Today Elounda is a popular holiday resort, often visited by VIPs for the luxurious beach resorts that are situated in the area.

From there, we take the boat that gets us to the small and sorely tried island of Spinalonga. The history and the culture of the island of Spinalonga became one with human tragedy in the course of time. This small isle carries within the history of Ancient Greece as it served as a natural guard for the ancient city of Olous; the history of the Saracens as a hide-out for their pirates; the history of Venetians as their fortress; the history of Turks as their settlement; and the history of contemporary Greeks as their dwelling, or better, as the place where their leper would be sent into exile until 1957.

We stroll through the village roads, listening –along with our guide’s narration- to the cries and sighs of the diseased exiles, which seem like having been curved on the rocks and the walls of the houses and admiring the exquisite beauty of the area. Finishing our touring on this much afflicted place, we head for the small bay of Kolokitha, one of the most beautiful beaches on Crete. It is a remote beach with white sand and deep blue serene water, side by side with old olive groves, where we can swim and taste the delicious BBQ served on the boat.

After our short respite, we go back to Elounda, and then we move to the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos, where we have our last stop. Here we have the chance to enjoy our coffee getting a perfect view of the magnificent lake, do our shopping in the traditional local shops and relax for a while before we hit the road for our going back.

We then go to Agios Nikolaos where you have time to look at the shop windows and visit the bottomless lake, where the “Lotus Eaters” the well-known film was shot.

Ag. Nicolaos