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Individual, private or tailored tours for you…what is it?

And what is the difference between group tours and private tours?

There are many tourists visiting Crete who wish to travel a lot.They have their holiday plan and want to see most famous places of the island. So what is the options to travel on Crete, if you don’t want to rent a car or take a public bus?

Guided coach tour and traditional routs

Some of them just book common excursions with big group and big coach and follow usual or traditional routs. This is the easiest and  cheapest way to visit Crete’s must see places.  The excursion usually follows the exact rout with exact stops, and it can more than one language in the coach. Yes, it is the cheapest way, but is it the best? The minus of this tours is that you have to follow routine tour, routine stop, you are tied to other  co-tourist. You have no choice where to stop, or where to spend more time, if you like the place. You follow the group, time ad rout.

Guided tailor  made mini group

This tours are made for you!!! You can choose your rout, stops, places to visit, you can make your excursion plan according to you interests.

Usually individual tours are by mini bus up to 7 seats and private guide following tailor made rout only for you.

It is not as cheap as traditional big coach tours, but the advance is obvious: comfortable mini group, private tour guide, only one language of your choice, routs and stops made according to your wishes and interests.

Guided tailor made tours by big coach

It almost the same as mini private tours, just by big coach. This means, that these tours are offered to the groups up to 15-70 people. Tailor made big groups tours are very suitable for corporative travelers, big teams, big families or big group of friends. It is cheaper than mini private tours, but still provides you possibility to travel your own rout, with private guide.

So don’t miss the opportunity to travel on Crete!!! Crete is covering deep in it’s mountains, caves, small beaches, in it’s history, culture and monasteries.  Open that secrets fr you!!!



In our previous post about yacht tour we were talking about romantic evening with your beloved on yacht with good cocktails and DJ. For more details click here. But some of us find romance in other things such as fishing …SO…

Get ready to travel around the quaint coastline and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the deep blue sea, impressive shores, golden sand beaches, pebbled bays surrounded by white, reddish, yellowish or blackish rocks, under the brisk morning light. Take delight in fishing on our professional fishing boat under the leadership of our captain, who always picks up the richest fishing spots according to the season, the weather and the “fish passages”, as they are called by the local fishermen.

The trip starts at around 10:30 a.m. and ends at 16:00 p.m. When on board, you will enjoy your coffee, while relaxing on deck admiring the deep blue until we reach the spot where you can start your fishing with rods provided by us. Of course, whoever wishes to cool off can dive in the crystal clear waters. At the end of the fishing trip, you will have the chance to visit the city of Agios Nikolaos for about an hour.

An unforgettable trip and a unique experience that will surely be etched in your memory forever.

Cretan olive oil has to be the very valuable in the world as it is still hand harvested using traditional methods to produce the olive oil and is entirely organic. The unpolluted Greek island is the ideal setting for truly wonderful tasting and nutritious Cretan olive oil to be produced.

Olive varieties of Crete

Most of scientific research on nutritional habits conducted on a world-wide scale, has concluded that the Cretan diet is the most representative example of the Mediterranean diet. The inhabitants of the island of Crete have the lowest level of cardiovascular diseases and cancer-related deaths in the world. Research comparing the life expectancy of 7 industrialized nations across decades has shown that the inhabitants of Crete had a longer life-expectancy than other industrialized nations. Scientists concluded that the life-expectancy was directly related with nutrition.

What is the secret of Cretan health and longevity?
Crete has one of the oldest culinary traditions in the world. The people of Crete consume mainly the local produce. Their diet includes, in abundance, plant foods, such as greens, vegetables, legumes, herbs and fruits, and less eggs, dairy products, fish and meats. Cretans also often drink locally produced wine.

The most important element in Cretan diet is Olive Oil. The consumption of olive oil, either raw to season salads or on a piece of bread, or used for cooking, is directly related with the good health of the inhabitants of Crete.

Olive Oil is a key element in Cretan and Greek cuisine and is used instead of animal fat, such as butter. The nutritional value of olive oil is among the highest, as it is one of the most important antioxidant natural foods. Olive Oil, in contrast to other vegetable oils is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are resistant to oxidation and reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood, without affecting the amount of HDL cholesterol, which protects against atherosclerosis.

The fact that the people of Crete live longer and have one of the lowest levels of disease-related deaths, which plague the Western world, is, without doubt, related to the fact that they are the biggest consumers of Olive Oil in the world.

Our second and most popular Jeep Safari tour on Crete is tour to Cretan South, to Southern cost of Crete. You will cross all tuhe island over the mountains, on and off road to  #feelcrete with us!!!! #toursoncrete #yourtravelguide

Liviko Pelagos or Libyan Sea Tour

Hersonissos start point 

Gouves off road
Kalo Chorio
Lagos off road
Nipiditos off road (coffee break )
Off road Afrati
Off road Karavados
Off road Mesi
Off road Hondros
Kerato Kambos (lunch Kastri)
Off road Skinias
Vakiotes off road Avli
Kato Karouzano (coffee break)

Every Tuesday and Friday



Let us take you on an adventure to explore the lesser known side of the island, through the dramatic physical landscapes of its mountains, away from the crowded tourist resorts, into the real heart and soul of Crete.

You will drive mainly on dirt roads only known by the locals, stop for a Greek coffee and
refreshments in a tiny typical village kafenion, and more off road through villages and mountains until we reach the breath taking south coast, were we will enjoy a light lunch.

We then return north through the mountains again. Prepare yourself for a real Cretan massage!(Bumpy off road!) A last coffee/refreshment stop in the little traditional village of Kato Karouzano and you will return to your hotels full of dust and the best memories of your vacation.
Remember to bring sun protection, swimming
suit and beach shoes, and some pocket money, since the drinks are not included.

if you are in search of the best beaches to visit in Crete, here is our first suggestion: Agiofarago beach.
Located about 80km south of Heraklion city, at the exit of the homonym Gorge of Agiofarago, clear blue waters await you!
The beauty of the place exists to its not so easy access as if you want to go, you should either hike for approximately 50′ the gorge or catch a boat from Matala, Agia Galini, or Kali Limenes.

The crystal secluded beach at the end of Agiofarago Gorge

Agiofarago Gorge, one of the special gorges In Crete, is located in Heraklion, between the Monastery of Odigitria and the seaside village Kaloi Limenes. It will take you about 20 minutes to cross. At the beginning of the route, you will see the church of Agia Kyriaki which is in a cave! In the gorge is also the church of St. Anthony which is also partly in a cave and was the center of the ascetics of the region. The several archaeological findings in Agiofarago, show that there has been activity in the Minoan and Venetian times. Characteristic is the Minoan, circular, domed tomb near the church of St. Anthony. Shortly after, you will find a cave with a low entrance and a large room. The Abbot of the Monastery of St. Anthony lived there.

According to history, Agiofarago was inhabited by hermits since at least the 11th century. When you cross the gorge you will reach a beautiful beach overlooking the Libyan Sea! We recommend good to keep water with you, as in the gorge there are no sources of water.


 Fairytale Sunset cruise

Do you feel romantic? And enjoy the sunsets and relaxing wave sounds? Or maybe you would like to surprise you beloved by romantic cocktail party on modern yacht with best main stream music beats?

Then during your holiday on Crete don’t miss romantic yacht cruise “Fairytale Sunset cruise”

Why? Because it is a very romantic trip on modern yacht to see the sunset on Crete!

It is a great chance to try cocktails from the one of the best bartenders of Greece.

To listen to Main Stream music

and to enjoy buffet (vegetarian friendly)

You will stop in one of the most romantic bays of Crete St. George for you romantic pics and relax.

Don’t miss the the Fairytale Sunset moment!

Trip starts at 17:30 from Hersonissos port

Price 55 eur/per

3 fashionable cocktails included (other drinks extra pay)

dinner included

DJ included

transfer from hotel included

Yacht trip


New!!!! FOTO TOURS in Heraklion with professional photographer!!! If you have artistic nature, you love photography and want to improve your skills with professional – you are welcome to #FOTOTOUR

During rainy winter day i was having cofee break with my boss and friennd who also is great photographer, great artist and professional in everything he does. I told him I had an idea of creating a Foto Tour for people who are traveling on Crete. Because there are so many amazing views n Crete, but very often tourists are saying “unfortunately I’m just beginner” So the idea was to offer people tours, excursions, walking tours together with the professional photographer, that they can learn essential secrets of artistic photography.

So now we can offer you the results of our winter brain storm :walking Foto Tour in Herklion. You will see the most beautiful places of #Heraklion will make photos of it and will learn few secrets of photography.