The spectacular gorge of Patsos is located in the inland area of Rethymnon, at Amari region. It is a beautiful gorge with a small river running through it

Into the Patsos Gorge mysteries

Patsos Gorge is located inland of Rethymno Prefecture, at the municipality of Amari

Before the entrance below, you can find a small tavern/cafe. It will be useful on your way back…

Visiting Patsos gorge would be a kind of resting/relaxing experience, so to end the day long tour. There was no hiking in the tour schedule (it was late anyway), but along with Maria we decided to do it on our own, just for the experience.

Click to open image!Agios Antonios Rethymno Crete

The whole day tour was so amazing that gave us the kind of energy we needed, to decide to hike through the gorge.

At the entrance of the gorge, there is the cave-chapel of Agios Antonios (Saint Anthony).

There is a spring there with cold fresh water, lots of shade and outdoor tables to just site and relax.

The gorge is not very well marked but in specific places are red marks on the gorge walls. You can’t really get lost.

We have to say that at some points we really needed to think and find the way to proceed further. But there was a way through in all cases.

The total length is 3km (total, back and forth). That length is not too much in normal asphalt road walking conditions.

Yet, inside a gorge with huge rocks and obstacles, it can be long enough.

When there is still water (not so much in August) there exist small but shallow lagoons with impressive waterfalls.

springs at Spili village

Some areas of the gorge route are crossed through wooden ladders, with additional ropes (already in place) to get a grip. There is no actual “climbing” with ropes. They are there for safety.

Make sure you wear proper hiking shoes or sandals. No flip-flops, as we saw some doing the gorge with such and they -indeed- mentioned it was difficult.

At the end of the gorge (exit), there is an artificial lake created by Potamoi dam. A variety of ecosystems is hosted there.

To get to the lake simply walk under a cement bridge. You will easily find that as the route stops there.

Just go under it. The lake It is just 50-80 meters after that.

Precautions for Patsos Gorge, Cret

Make sure the weather is fine without any chance for rain, since the gorge doesn’t have side exits and it may become dangerous with rain.

Also, make sure to do it during day time (preferably during morning), in order to avoid being in there in late afternoon. Sun light is reduced fast in such places due to high gorge walls and plantation.Patsos or Agios Antonios gorge Rethymno Crete

SOURCE : A Greek Adventure

Foto: @mastrohimios