Cretan olive oil has to be the very valuable in the world as it is still hand harvested using traditional methods to produce the olive oil and is entirely organic. The unpolluted Greek island is the ideal setting for truly wonderful tasting and nutritious Cretan olive oil to be produced.

Olive varieties of Crete

Most of scientific research on nutritional habits conducted on a world-wide scale, has concluded that the Cretan diet is the most representative example of the Mediterranean diet. The inhabitants of the island of Crete have the lowest level of cardiovascular diseases and cancer-related deaths in the world. Research comparing the life expectancy of 7 industrialized nations across decades has shown that the inhabitants of Crete had a longer life-expectancy than other industrialized nations. Scientists concluded that the life-expectancy was directly related with nutrition.

What is the secret of Cretan health and longevity?
Crete has one of the oldest culinary traditions in the world. The people of Crete consume mainly the local produce. Their diet includes, in abundance, plant foods, such as greens, vegetables, legumes, herbs and fruits, and less eggs, dairy products, fish and meats. Cretans also often drink locally produced wine.

The most important element in Cretan diet is Olive Oil. The consumption of olive oil, either raw to season salads or on a piece of bread, or used for cooking, is directly related with the good health of the inhabitants of Crete.

Olive Oil is a key element in Cretan and Greek cuisine and is used instead of animal fat, such as butter. The nutritional value of olive oil is among the highest, as it is one of the most important antioxidant natural foods. Olive Oil, in contrast to other vegetable oils is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which are resistant to oxidation and reduce the amount of LDL cholesterol in the blood, without affecting the amount of HDL cholesterol, which protects against atherosclerosis.

The fact that the people of Crete live longer and have one of the lowest levels of disease-related deaths, which plague the Western world, is, without doubt, related to the fact that they are the biggest consumers of Olive Oil in the world.