The scenic village of Zaros is one of the most important villages in Psiloritis Riza and one of the most historic main villages of Crete with a total population of 2,000 who mostly work in agriculture, tourism, beekeeping and animal husbandry.


It is approximately 45 km from Heraklion and its name derives from the words Za(much) and Rous(flow). The area has always been inhabited during the times of recorder history, due to the abundance of water. Also, there used to be quite a few watermills, whose ruins remain along a water canal, while nowadays there is only one working at Votomos. The natural environment of Zaros is quite rich in ecological and geomorphological terms, and features special landscapes. Its environmental resources are unique and its flora and fauna is of special value. At the same time, it features some significant cultural elements, discovered in traces that date from the Late Minoan period until our days. Its natural and cultural adequacy, as well as the utilization of traditional farming activities have provided a solid ground for sustainable development. Nowadays, in Zaros, there is a regional health clinic, a kindergarten, an Elementary School, a Junior High School, banks and hostels for visitors. The Byzantine monasteries decorated with magnificent murals, the gorges, the crystal-clear beaches of the South and the live concerts of Cretan music are some places that are worth visiting in this naturally beautiful region.