The impressive Gorge of Aradainas is located on the southern slopes of the White Mountains, just 84 miles from the city of Chania and is one of the most interesting and impressive gorges of Sfakia municipality.

Aradainas Gorge

It has high vertical walls, rich vegetation and wildlife. It is easily accessible and can be visited throughout the year, as long as the weather permits it. The path can take 3 to 4 hours, depending on the level of hiking experience, since Aradainas Gorge  extends approximately 7 km far from the entrance of the sea and the route is described as of medium difficulty. Visitors should be equipped with raincoats and waterproof boots. At the exit of the gorge, Dialiskari, there is a small, isolated and pristine beach, Marmara (“marbles”), which is the best compensation for the long hiking. From Marmara beach, there is a coastal path to Foinika (“Palme”), Loutro (“Bath”) and Chora Sfakion. The path is narrow and quite dangerous in the area between Loutro and Chora Sfakion. Otherwise, visitors can take the boat from Loutro to Sfakia, provided they have checked the route schedule of the ship.